10 celebrities who were ugly ducks when they were kids, and now they’re called “style icons”

 10 celebrities who were ugly ducks when they were kids, and now they’re called “style icons”

Many people admire celebrities’ exquisite and incredible style. For some, they are the pinnacle of beauty, while for others, they are a model to emulate. Few people realize, however, that they have traveled a long and difficult road to self-improvement and appearance enhancement.

Here are some photos of celebrities when they were younger. They don’t look anything like themselves as adults.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki had many self-consciousness issues as a child. However, once she became famous, she worked hard on self-improvement. Now, the singer has no self-esteem issues.

Chris Pratt

When he was younger, the actor believed that talent was all that was required to succeed. He soon realized, however, that he was not drawing enough attention to himself and began to work on improving his appearance. No one would say that Chris Pratt had confidence issues in the past after seeing him today.

Katy Perry

Kathy wasn’t always happy, and she didn’t like her body as a teenager. She wished for a model-like figure rather than seductive feminine forms. However, the celebrity eventually learned to love herself and be proud of her appearance.


No one would ever say today, looking at the singer’s sexy and seductive figure, that she was once self-conscious about her appearance.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne began his self-improvement journey as a child. He believes that hard, time-consuming work on himself is the most certain way to achieve his goals.

Adam Levine

Despite his unattractive appearance in his youth, Adam Levine was never without attention. He was always working on improving his appearance, and he eventually became a very attractive man.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore had strabismus as a child, which is difficult to believe. She had to have two surgeries at the start of her career to correct the problem.


Everyone, including Rihanna, finds flaws in themselves. She admits that it was only because she became successful that she was able to believe in herself. She was shy and withdrawn in her youth.

David Beckham

David was unconcerned about his appearance as a young man. He lived for soccer and spent all of his free time training. Beckham began working on his image only after he became famous.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake was dissatisfied with his appearance as a child and adolescent, and he worked hard to improve it. As you can see, he did very well.

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