12 photo cards that show the power of genes

 12 photo cards that show the power of genes

Numerous experts have been actively researching genetics for many years, and new findings are being made all the time.

Offspring are taught how to predict the characteristics of future children in biology lessons at school, but in reality, the opposite is true.

Genes frequently manifest themselves a generation later.

Granddaughter and grandmother in their youth

Another instance of appearance consistency between generations

Grandfather and grandson are separated by many years

Thirty years of difference between a son and a father

Nobody could have anticipated that the young granddaughter would resemble her grandmother when they were at the same age.

Another similarity of relatives

“Two drops of water”: mother and daughter

There is a 29-year difference between the photos of the son and the father.

“A copy of Grandpa when he was young.”

“You can’t tell the difference from grandma.”

Even the coat looks good, not to mention the looks.

Grandmother’s victory in genetics.

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