More than 260 Ibs Barbie Showed Her Legs and Broke All Stereotypes

 More than 260 Ibs Barbie Showed Her Legs and Broke All Stereotypes

She’s unphased by these photographs. UK-based blogger Caitlin Redding has dubbed herself “Barbie in XXXL”. She enjoys her food without concealing it, and she stylishly sports her extra pounds.

Her vibrant looks showcase no discomfort as she is unashamed of her weight. However, it wasn’t always like this; there were times when her followers often left some harsh comments.

Kate was once embarrassed by her appearance, but after a photoshoot with a friend, she realized her weight wasn’t such a significant issue.

Her friend convinced her to take full-body pictures, and the day after she posted the photos, she woke up to newfound popularity.

Since then, Kate has been telling her followers that physical appearances aren’t the most important aspect. She also discusses how clothing sizes and lifestyles are personal matters.

Lately, Kate has been actively cultivating her YouTube channel, which she named “Cocktail with Kate”. The objective of this channel is to engage in live interaction with her audience, dissecting intriguing situations and discussing sorrowful tales.


This format has garnered much popularity, and people attend her recordings to share their advice.


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