16 school photos of stars. See what they were like when no one knew about them

 16 school photos of stars. See what they were like when no one knew about them

A celebrity is not born (with the exception of members of royal families and children of “ready” celebrities). They develop. Future idols are currently living normal lives, attending school, and looking normal because their finest hour has not yet arrived. Not quite so haughty. Having said that You must be curious in who your favorite actors and musicians were before they became well-known. We have compiled a gallery of famous people in their school uniforms. Which ones might you identify without a signature?

Who is this young man with the sly eyes? Before he knew about “difficult tasks,” this is Tom Cruise.

Samuel L. Jackson before he got tough.

I wonder if Tom Hanks (he is in the photo, did you recognize him?) could assume that he would solve the Da Vinci Code?

This curly-haired young man who looks like a rock musician of the 70s … Steven Seagal.

Snoop Dogg and Cameron Diaz went to the same school. Who could have known that in the future they would become colleagues in the creative workshop?

Ewan McGregor. Oh, how many great films will be in his career after, but for now – this is just a schoolboy with a French horn.

Cheers for little Ryan Reynolds: he caught a fish!

Stunning Meryl Streep in high school. The cheerleader outfit suits her.

You won’t guess anything! This is George Clooney. The years have been good for him.

Vin Diesel. Not yet bald, not inflated and not the star of the Fast and the Furious.

This was the queen of Western pop music “before”. In the photo: charming Madonna.

Hey Brad, in the future you will be called the most desirable man on the planet more than once. In the meantime, Mr. Pitt is a school student and a basketball player.

The great and terrible Marilyn Manson without makeup. And yet he is Brian Warner.

A young Courteney Cox, before she had Friends.

Matthew McConaughey always knew how to smile.

Jean-Claude Van Damme and his not yet famous muscles.

So you made sure that “ideal” stars are not grown in incubators. And all of them go through the usual path of growing up and becoming both creative and physical. So, how many celebrities could you recognize without our tips?

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