16 Transformed Women Who Are Hard to Recognize After Makeup

 16 Transformed Women Who Are Hard to Recognize After Makeup

Preening is a favorite pastime for women, who do it for themselves, their soul partners, as well as to look professional at work. Every woman applies makeup in her own way; some are better at it than others, but when you find you can’t handle it alone, wizards with brushes and palettes are always eager to help. One such beauty business magician is Pavel Kondrashin, a makeup artist who uses cosmetics to transform regular ladies into goddesses.

Transformation for five plus

Pavel is aware that a woman can become much more attractive than she already is.

According to the make-up artist, the model was delighted with this make-up, and this is not surprising!

71-year-old Galina, who can not be given her age

The model’s eyes were subtly highlighted by the blue tint, bringing life to the picture.

Makeup of a well-groomed woman

It would seem that makeup is quite simple, but what an effect it creates!

Lifting make-up for the beautiful Vera

Surely this woman herself did not know that such a thing could be

The image of a diva for Elena

Transformation for Arina

Wonder how good!

Grandmothers also want to feel beautiful

The eyes were already beautiful, but now they just shine!

Pavel is a real wizard

Without makeup, this girl will really be difficult to recognize.


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