17 girls who would be much better off leaving their natural looks

 17 girls who would be much better off leaving their natural looks

The girl becomes more aware of her physical characteristics as she gets older. This holds true for both attire and cosmetics. The information will go over the latter. But our heroines, on the other hand, portray themselves in a very peculiar way that, in the eyes of the majority, actually makes matters worse. If there is anything we don’t understand about the twenty images below, feel free to rank and comment.

To see exactly the corner

Perhaps this is a party gag setup?

Fixing it won’t be simple.

However, she and the makeup artist both turned to face the mirror.

It seems that several heroin material went to the same master

You wish to avoid seeing

But it didn’t seem as though things could get any worse.

When did she start doing this?

When everyone is attempting to stand out in their own unique way, this may be the best option.

Arrow-like eyebrows or eyebrows that resemble arrows

Your own brows can be placed wherever you like.

It is yet to be hoped that the master will make things right and that this was not her idea.

Each person defines beauty differently.

What occasion is this picture from?

Halloween party?

The adage “raise your eyebrows” might be used to describe this female.

Nobody else has these eyelashes

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