30 women who braved cutting their hair short and had amazing results (New Pics)

 30 women who braved cutting their hair short and had amazing results (New Pics)

A lot of us females were raised to define our value in terms of our femininity, which is then used to determine our attractiveness, which in turn affects how much we value ourselves as individuals. Uncomfortably significant in this is hair.

As we enter a new decade, many women feel like letting go of the traditional gender stereotypes that are frequently defined by hair. Cut your hair short if you feel that having long hair merely increases the pressure to look well enough to satisfy social standards. If you’re tired of maintaining long hair to please others, cut it short. That’s why hairstylist Kristina Katsabina takes it upon herself to give her clients short hairstyles based on their tastes and style. It’s not our obligation to be a version of ourselves that society accepts.


In a previous interview with Bored Panda, Kristina shared some information about her clientele’s tastes as well as general information regarding the short hair trend.

“Many women in their 30s are either employed in a profession they detest or have lost all motivation to continue their careers. It occurred to me as well; at some point, I lost all of my will to continue learning more about the field in which I was working at the time. I was teaching Spanish before I started working as a full-time hairstylist, and I also did translation and choreography work.”



For the year 2022, many ladies are researching short haircut trends and getting ideas. Making the decision to cut your hair is never simple since for many people, it is sentimental or even touches on delicate themes like religious beliefs. But perhaps cutting-edge hairdos like the Chanel cut, short bob, or even the pixie can inspire someone to make a change in their life. After all, fantastic changes typically start with the hair!



Having said that, Kristina has observed an increase in demand for “Bixie” hairstyles. Bixies are short hairstyles that are usually compared to mullets, pixie cuts, and bobs. This particular haircut is a modern design that fuses the best lived-in and classic sophistication with a chic, carefree appearance. No of her age, every women can pull it off.



Pandas, tell us which transformation you liked best and why (considering the year’s overall trends). I encourage you to respond with your thoughts and opinions. Please continue to be respectful and considerate while expressing your views, and help the amazing hairstylist Kristina by following her on Instagram to see more of the transformations!
























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