47-year-old man was able to lose more than 100 kg, and now he works as a fitness trainer himself

 47-year-old man was able to lose more than 100 kg, and now he works as a fitness trainer himself

Ralph Lawless, who resides in the city of Hertfordshire, followed an improper lifestyle for more than ten years. He mainly consumed fast food, and his hobbies consisted of watching TV and lounging on a sofa. Fortunately, he still made the decision to improve his life at the age of 47!

Lawless’ weight had increased to 187 kg, which was also harmful to his health.

He started out by being active, signing up for dance classes, and keeping track of his nutrition. Ralph claimed that he had previously eaten up to 8 sandwiches with bacon at one meal since he enjoyed them so much.

“I used to be very fond of bacon sandwiches and could eat up to eight pieces a day. When I started eating, I couldn’t stop. Kebabs, pizza, bacon, convenience foods – that was the basis of my diet. Everything edible that fell into my hands was immediately eaten. I ate as much food in a day as normal people consume in a week. I was lonely, I led an unhealthy life, and in the end I gained these 185 kg, ”Lowless shares.

Today, he weighs 76 kg and is already helping people maintain their health, because she works as a trainer in a fitness club. Lawless has changed so much that his friends now jokingly call him “Ralph Travolta.”

Ralph achieved such stunning results thanks to physical activity and a properly designed nutrition system. Nutritionists themselves were surprised by his results and in their circles they declared Lawless “Person of the Year”!


Ralph claims that he clearly achieved his objectives. He now has a good appearance and pursues his passions for dancing and fitness. Finding a soul mate and starting a family are the current goals.

After all, as Ralph says, overweight problems affected not only his personal life – Lawless was forced to quit his job, since it was hard for him to perform any duties, having such weight.


Ralph claims that he is at last content. He could hardly make it up the stairs to the second floor a year ago, but now he can dance all night.

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