A guy from Brazil finds people from the street and helps them get back to their old lives, starting with changing their image

 A guy from Brazil finds people from the street and helps them get back to their old lives, starting with changing their image

We all deserve to have the best possible lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is fortunate enough to catch their lucky star and lead a happy life. It’s excellent that good individuals are frequently willing to sweeten the savory lives of those who are less fortunate than themselves.

So, for instance, a man from Brazil by the name of Leandro Matias started a beautiful organization with the intention of aiding the homeless. And a young person’s shift in image is the first thing they do. After all, even seemingly insignificant modifications to one’s look have the power to completely alter a person and increase his self-assurance!

Good day, new individual!

Brazilian hairstylist Leandro Matias works hard to assist the homeless. About three times a week, the person tries to venture out into the city to look for those who are in need of assistance. However, as the young guy acknowledges, not everyone is convinced of his sincere motives. Matthias was so turned down more than time.

Birthday present of a fresh haircut

Two different people

New Maria

Along with giving the homeless a fantastic haircut, Brazilian hairdressers also give them new, clean clothes, excellent food, and other little comforts that are not always available to everyone.

Carol is a young girl who longs to go back to her hometown.

From homeless to model

There have also been instances where Matthias has been able to help someone get back to living a normal life with a permanent roof over their head, food in the refrigerator, employment, and even a loving family.

Working hard to become fashionable

Matthias provides a list of the person’s needs and various solutions to help them under practically every picture. For instance, you can manually accomplish this by phoning the provided phone number, or you can transfer a certain sum of money.

They occasionally simply require a chance

For instance, this homeless couple is looking for employment so they may purchase a home and put an end to their existence on the streets.

A new haircut hasn’t hurt anyone yet

Change of image brings a small, but still joy

A Brazilian hairstylist sees it as his duty to assist those who were formerly homeless. The man acknowledges that dealing with those who do not often take a bath may be uncomfortable for some, but for him, such individuals are special. And each time he succeeds in improving their lives, he elevates to the ranks of the world’s happiest individuals.

Is it actually the same individual?

Magic in the hands of hairdressers and makeup artists

Cardinal changes

Happy Mary

Marcos in the past and Marcos in the present

Change for the better

New people with a smile on their faces


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