A man who is 3.6 feet tall married and became a father: What his 2-year-old daughter looks like now

 A man who is 3.6 feet tall married and became a father: What his 2-year-old daughter looks like now

James Lusted, a 33-year-old from the United Kingdom, has accomplished a lot. Despite being only 3.6 feet tall, he rose to fame as an actor and was a popular TV host for the BBC.

James developed a strong self-confidence in his height early on. Instead, he always saw this trait as his primary “highlight.” He had confidence in himself and could be certain in any circumstance. So he quickly declared to himself, “She will surely become my wife,” when he first met Chloe.

An unusual first date

Chloe and James started dating in the summer of 2014 on an unexpected date, one they still laugh about now.

Following their initial meeting, the pair chose to get dinner in a cafe. The server instantly handed Chloe a menu as she sat down at the same table as James, who is up to 2 feet shorter than her at 5.5 feet. Additionally, her buddy received a sketchbook and some pencils. James was mistaken for a toddler by the waiter, who didn’t realize his error for some time.

Chloe and James became so close during this cheerful and filled with laughing and smiles evening that they formally announced their relationship.


James and Chloe exchanged vows in the summer of 2016. About 80 people were invited by the newlyweds for the ceremony, but that number immediately increased by about 2.5 times.

The unconventional wedding was attended by a lot of media and celebrities. Nearly all of Great Britain’s top newspapers and magazines published images of this celebration the following morning. The family of James and Chloe was soon known to everyone.

New addition to the family

The Lusted couple learned they had a new family member in 2018. And as a result, they experienced one of their lives greatest joys.

James and Chloe started getting ready for the baby early. They set up a nursery and spent a lot of time shopping for baby clothes.

James, who stands just 110 cm tall, became a proud father in February 2019. Olivia, a baby girl, was born.


Olivia arrived in the world in wonderful health. She did not inherit James’ oddity; thus, she would eventually surpass her father in height.

Now two years old, the young child. Her parents frequently take her for walks and road trips. James frequently brings Olivia to the set because he is confident she will make a brilliant actor. The girl enjoys being captured on camera and is accustomed to having them around.

What do you think of James and Chloe’s family? Would the 2 feet height difference stop you from falling in love?

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