A recovering patient finds a random cat cuddling him as he wakes up after surgery

 A recovering patient finds a random cat cuddling him as he wakes up after surgery

Andrew Falloon’s father just underwent surgery, and he has since been recuperating at home. The doctor’s orders to stay in bed as much as possible, albeit occasionally a little restrictive, are not something Falloon’s dad has had to deal with alone.

Evidently, a bewhiskered local heard that Dad needed some company and proceeded to offer it in the most charming manner.

Falloon explained, “My mother left one of the doors slightly ajar while she went out to perform a few errands.” Dad and [this cat] were snuggled together on the couch when she got home.

Though it wasn’t quite a one-sided hug, the kitty’s friendly gesture was nevertheless wonderful. Falloon’s dad was asleep, but they slept close, holding hands as they drifted off to sleep. He was unaware the entire time.

When Mum woke him up, Falloon remarked, “My dad hasn’t been the biggest cat person so I think he was as astonished as everyone.”

Later, Falloon’s parents discovered the cat’s name is Ziggy. He’s a friendly neighborhood cat who occasionally visits other people’s homes to say hello.

But on this particular day, his visit resembled a house call more.

And following the nap? Dr. Ziggy lingered for a little moment before leaving for his next appointment, according to Falloon.

It’s impossible to determine how much Falloon’s father’s recovery may have benefited from Ziggy’s spontaneous snuggle session. But as we all know, spending time with a cute kitten is wonderful for the spirit.

After his operation, Falloon declared that “Dad is well and completely on the mend.”

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