A Simple Chocolate Bar Helped Her Overcome Anorexia. She Weighed Only 64 Ibs Two Years Ago

 A Simple Chocolate Bar Helped Her Overcome Anorexia. She Weighed Only 64 Ibs Two Years Ago

21-year-old Anna Windley, a resident of Britain, consumed only one sandwich every five days, and at her age weighed 64 pounds, she resembled a skeleton covered with skin and was terrified of food. It’s probable that the girl simply wouldn’t have survived, but ordinary chocolate once proved to be her lifesaver.

Anna has always been an incredibly active individual. As a schoolgirl, she was involved in sports, participated in numerous events, and was an exemplary student. However, despite such vivacity, she was chubby from birth and frequently received unkind comments from her peers about her weight. Weary of the mockery, Anna made up her mind to slim down.

She started to severely restrict her food intake — she barely consumed meat, sweets, pastries, and dairy products, and her diet consisted of a single sandwich only once every five days. Often, due to this “diet”, Anna ended up in the hospital, where she was diagnosed with “anorexia”. Doctors started to caution the girl that at her current rate, she was setting herself up for a heart attack. She understood the consequences, but she felt helpless to change.

“I just wanted to be slimmer,” she admits.

Anna reached a point where she couldn’t even look at food, and any food aroma terrified her. Whenever she was offered a pie at some celebration, she couldn’t stand it; she would escape to another room, willing to do anything just to avoid being near food.

But then one day everything transformed, and ordinary chocolate played a pivotal role in this change.

Once, Anna craved sweets, but psychologically it seemed to her that she would overeat, yet she decided to give sweets a try. Later, when she weighed herself, she realized that she hadn’t gained any weight, and so she began to gradually allow herself treats.

“It was irrational to assume that from a piece of chocolate I would instantly gain weight,” shares the Briton. “But it was after that experience that I realized that eating isn’t as horrifying as it had seemed to me.”

This episode assisted Anna in overcoming one of her biggest fears, and she gradually transitioned to a normal diet.

Now, the young woman weighs 99 pounds, she maintains a healthy lifestyle, and she looks back at that period of her life with dread.

It took two years for her to regain a healthy weight. Presently, Anna is a gorgeous young woman with a stunning figure.

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