A very ill woman gets her final wish fulfilled

 A very ill woman gets her final wish fulfilled

It is so heartbreaking and touching to watch this video. This is about an ill woman who luckily gets her final desire realized. Throughout her entire existence, this woman has always been watching the movie “Bambi,” and she was obsessed with the idea of seeing a deer once again. To fulfill their mother’s desire, her daughters aimed to organize this long-awaited meeting. And finally, they managed to do that!

The woman’s daughters, Lisa and her sister, have been taking care of their sick mother. Sadly, things were becoming worse and worse, and the woman was passing away. Seeing a deer one was this woman’s obsession and the greatest desire. 

Her daughter shared that her mom wears a Bambi T-shirt and provides an omnipresence of Bambi statues in her house. Her mother’s obsession with Bambi T-shirts made both sisters wear these “nursing uniforms” as well. 

Even though Lisa understood the challenge of bringing a real deer into the medical center, she decided to try. Believe it or not, coincidences happen! Some Melbourne people having their own farm had a deer called “Bambi.” Lisa’s efforts had a final result, and they managed to bring the deer into the hospital. 

It is so touching to witness the moment when Lisa enters the room bringing the deer with her. The woman’s gentle touch with the animal is heartwarming. This situation made many cry. 

Everything happened due to the genuine kindness and care, as later shared by Lisa, who could not express how grateful she was to the couple who brought the deer as soon as they knew about the woman’s situation.

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