A woman drives a dog 1,300 miles home only to discover her owner has given up on her

 A woman drives a dog 1,300 miles home only to discover her owner has given up on her

Blue, a pit bull mix, somehow appeared in Michigan. However, he was originally from Florida.

When staff members discovered she had a microchip, they were thrilled.

Her owner was located in Florida, they learned. Her dog had been gone for the past week, she informed them. Although she had no clue how Blue had crossed the nation, she was happy that the pup would be returning.

When they learned the news, the staff was ecstatic. They put out a call on social networks for a driver to take the little dog to her mother.

Many people responded with offers of assistance. But Stephanie was tasked with driving her home. She chose to provide a hand because she was already planning to go to Florida.

The instant Stephanie saw the puppy, she fell in love with her. She traveled with Blue and her brother.

Prior to picking Blue up, she was unfamiliar with her. Blue was quite amiable during the journey.

They arrived at their destination after traveling over 1,300 kilometers.

The owner’s mother welcomed them inside when they got there. Blue realized where she was right away. The home appeared to be in order as she hurried up to it. She did a backward turn.

The owner of the pup arrived home soon. Blue was overjoyed to see her and couldn’t stop leaping.

They made reasonable assumptions as to how the dog would have shown up in another state.

When they weren’t at home, the dog was kept in a yard cage, according to Blue’s relatives, and then someone kept taking the dog. They think she was taken again or that she managed to escape.

But after they had talked for a while, the owner advised her that Blue should return.

She said that because of her full-time job, she was unable to care for the puppy.

Stephanie was in disbelief.

Steph and her brother then re-loaded Blue into the vehicle and sped off.

Blue was staring out the window, unaware of what was going on. It left them heartbroken. They incessantly reassured her of their love and that she shouldn’t be angry.

Steph could not afford to adopt another rescue dog because she already had a few.

The group wrote on social media about the predicament and said that Blue was now traveling to Michigan and available for adoption.

Stephanie was unaware of the sheer volume of adoption-related queries that were coming into the shelter as she was driving.

A guy who had been given the go-ahead to adopt Blue rushed over to greet her when they got back.

The man requested permission from his boss to pursue the dog, and the supervisor granted it.

Once he met Blue, it became obvious they were a good match. She leaped on him as soon as he approached. Even the dog liked him.

The day the dog was returned to the rescue, he acquired her and took her home.

The man claimed that Blue integrates quite well and genuinely loves his child.

And just this past week, did Stephanie get to see Blue again.

She said that the dog had no trouble recalling her.

She is overjoyed. Blue has a nice home, and her tale ends happily, but it wasn’t the conclusion she had in mind when she set out from Michigan for Florida.

She is also eager to assist other animals. But she doesn’t want other animals to experience the same thing.

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