A woman taking out the trash sees a cute little puppy there

 A woman taking out the trash sees a cute little puppy there

Rescuers were recently contacted regarding a little dog that had been dumped next to a trashcan open to the public.

The puppy was inconsolable until a kind person stopped and phoned for help.

A lovely and generous individual found Shoestring while cleaning out her garbage. The puppy’s name was given to him since the woman spotted it tied to the fence with a shoestring.

The adorable dog needs to get out of this predicament and into a decent home. The owners made sure the dog received a checkup from a veterinarian, fed him well, and lavished him with affection.

As soon as Shoestring sank into the reassuring arms of the recovery team, the unpleasant aspects of that day were quickly forgotten.

He adores all canines and people. He enjoys playing and wrestling, and he is sweet.

The adorable pooch is still living with a foster family, but after being neutered, he will be put up for adoption. To ensure that the puppy gets the second opportunity he deserves, the sole need for potential adopters is that they already have a vivacious, energetic dog.

He was picked up by a kind foster family so that he wouldn’t have to remain in the shelter, which was already overflowing. Shoestring will undoubtedly be treasured as a jewel when he finds his permanent family.

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