A worker saves a baby deer and strokes his tummy | The fawn appreciates the experience

 A worker saves a baby deer and strokes his tummy | The fawn appreciates the experience

This touching scene shows a baby deer who was saved falling in love and refusing to leave his side. The adorable fawn was caught in a fall path, but two powerline workers happily saw him and saved his life. To help him feel more at ease, one of the men even offered him a belly rub. Surprisingly, the young deer found it so enjoyable that he simply wouldn’t leave the man’s arms. The sweet scene was photographed!

Justin Lewis from Kentucky said, “My buddy and I were removing a right-of-way for the electric lines when we discovered this fawn trapped in the fall path of the tree we were about to trim. He was caught in some thorns and quite agitated when we freed him; to calm him down, we began massaging his tummy, which, as you can see, proved to be a little ineffective.”

After the frightened fawn was set free by Justin and his friend, he was immediately cuddled and comforted by Justin in order to help him unwind. The rescued cat, however, turned out to be so devoted to Justin that he wouldn’t leave his side. The adorable tiny creature stayed close to his rescuers for around an hour. He eventually found his frightened mother again.

“For approximately an hour, he followed us around the construction site like a lost puppy when Justin observed a doe observing us from a hillside. She watched me carry him approximately halfway up the hill, assuming this was his mother. After I sat him down, he approached her right away, and the two of them left together.”

Here you can see the rescued newborn deer getting belly rubs:


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