A young family won a luxurious snow-white mansion in the lottery

 A young family won a luxurious snow-white mansion in the lottery

Do you believe in miracles? If not, then it is time to think twice and start to dream and be sure that it will become true one bright day. This was the case of a young family who is in a real fairy tale about which they couldn’t even imagine.

Ben and Becca Pott, the parents of a nice little girl, won a luxurious mansion in Ascot in the lottery. The woman bought the £10 ticket in January. And now she owns a £3.5 million white gigantic house.

Omaze raffles off prizes, and they provide the part of the profits from the sale of lottery tickets for the charity. The Potts lived in a modest house in London with their neighbors. The couple have also an 8 months old little baby and their life was full of difficulties.

And so the Omaze lottery just appeared in time to solve the puzzle. The pair was in a great shock and they literally started to cry. Their little daughter was given the keys of the huge dream castle.

Their amazing and wonderful house has five bedrooms, four bathrooms, elegant furniture, a veranda and a garden. The family was in their new stunning house in Ascot and didn’t believe that this was their.

The woman stated that this win really changed their life and they were sure their girl wouldn’t need anything in her life.

So just dream and believe it will come true one day.

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