They got really into it. Plastic has changed the stars beyond recognition

 They got really into it. Plastic has changed the stars beyond recognition

It is uncommon for celebrities to stop after one operation and continue to make their natural data “perfect”. In some cases, however, the race for the ideal results in such a transformation of appearance that it is impossible to identify your idol.

Celebrities sacrifice their natural data for world fame and multimillion-dollar fees. The process usually begins by correcting minor aesthetic flaws: asymmetry in the nose, eye bags, cheekbones. But pursuing an ideal appearance comes with the difficulty of saying “stop” to yourself before it’s too late. Popular stars are no longer recognizable by both loyal fans and ordinary viewers after operation after operation. Plastic surgery has changed some celebrities beyond recognition – tracked by the famous plastic surgeon Dmitry Sergeevich Skvortsov.
Jennifer Gray

Jennifer had a brilliant acting career ahead of her after starring in Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. A terrible accident Gray got into with Matthew Broderick left her with numerous injuries and severe emotional trauma.
Jennifer couldn’t stand the pressure of criticism and decided to change her nose’s shape. She lost both her recognizable humpback and, alas, her unique charm as a result of the operation. Producers and directors who once demanded rhinoplasty refused to work with her updated type: the audience would not watch a film with an “unfamiliar” actress. In an interview, Gray admitted, “I went into the operating room as a celebrity, but left as a nobody.”

Kylie Jenner

Kardashian-Jenner’s youngest member has already topped Forbes’ list as the youngest billionaire and is seriously focusing on her appearance. The brown-eyed girl in the 2011 photo is hard to recognize as the Kylie of today, with 200+ million followers on Instagram (an extremist organization banned in Russia).
Jenner’s body has changed not only from diet and sports but also from mammoplasty, gluteoplasty, and a thigh lift ( see also: “Experiments with appearance: Kylie Jenner

Rene Zellweger

The actress Renee Zellweger has always been loved for her natural beauty, but in 2014, she appeared at one of the parties with a “new” face and made headlines. There was a flurry of criticism directed at the actress. Journalists called surgeons in search of sensational details about the failed plastic surgery of the Oscar winner, and fans were haunted by one question: why?
Experts differed in their opinions regarding Rene’s cardinal beauty transformation.

Donatella Versace

Versace’s main figure is not the subject of the most flattering comments. Donatella’s metamorphoses are frequently included in lists of the worst examples of plasticity. An oval correction added outlined contours to the nose, a circular lift rejuvenated the nose, and a rhinoplasty reduced the size of the nose. The deep wrinkles disappeared, the drooping eyelids and cheekbones rose, the lips became larger and at some point began to conflict with the natural proportions of the face. Versace lost a lot of weight and underwent mammoplasty.

Bella Hadid

A reference for beauty is the American supermodel: her facial features correspond to the “golden ratio” by 94%. Bella’s perfect proportions are not a result of genetics, but of aesthetic surgery and cosmetology.

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