“Adorable mother and daughter in evening gowns!”: Angelina Jolie and Zahara caught by paparazzi

 “Adorable mother and daughter in evening gowns!”: Angelina Jolie and Zahara caught by paparazzi

The 47-year-old “Forevermore” diva effectively juggles her professional life with raising her kids. Before she takes off for college, Zahara’s mother, Angelina, wanted to make her happy. The famous family’s representatives were seen walking around New York.

Zahara was first taken by Angelina to a Lincoln Center event. Evening gowns were worn by the daughter and ex-wife of Brad Pitt. Jolie went with a silk gown in a vanilla tone and beige shoes. The actress draped her shoulders in a deep blue cloak. The celebrity donned voluminous hair and wore minimal makeup. Zahara showed up dressed in terracotta. The student liked wearing cozy sneakers.

After some time, Manhattan’s streets witnessed the appearance of Angelina and Zahara. Along with her kid, the Hollywood diva went shopping. The multi-child woman dressed simply in gray trunks, a fitting coat, and boots. Jolie was holding a designer clutch. The movie diva wore dark glasses and let her hair hang wild.

The “Babylon” actor’s daughter preferred to dress casually, wearing a blue blouse, black pants, sneakers, and a black coat. Holding her daughter’s hand tenderly, Angelina.

Angelina’s marriage to Hollywood actor Brad Pitt produced a daughter, Zahara. The ex-spouses also look after Maddox, 21, Pax, 19, Shiloh, 16, and the twins, Knox and Vivien, 14, who are 14 years old.

The actress’s new appearance is being aggressively discussed by fans in public. User comments included “Jolie has fantastic posture and an incredible physique,” “Angelina has amazing elegance,” “Adorable mother and daughter in evening gowns!” and “Angie takes such sensitive care of her.”

Along with her sister Shilo, Zahara also went for a stroll. The girls were seen strolling close to the mall. Middle daughter of Angelina now has short hair and a parted head of long curls.

In London, Jolie met the New Year. The celebrity went on a date with Paul Mescal, a 26-year-old actor.

The former spouse of Angelina visited the Golden Globe Film Awards. Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt’s co-star in the film “Babylon,” also made an appearance.

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