After being rescued from the freezing cold, the dog completely transforms

 After being rescued from the freezing cold, the dog completely transforms

Rosabella curled up into a ball as she lay there to escape the chilly winter air. Rosabella would not have lived much longer if she had been abandoned in an alley with only a frail wire cage to safeguard her.

Fortunately, a rescuer found the dog and saved her.

Ever since the terrifying day about a year ago, Rosabella’s life has radically altered and improved.

When she ought to have been nearer to 45 pounds, she was only half of it. Who might say how long she stood outside in the cold?

Rosabella was promptly freed by the worker, who also helped her inside the shelter of the rescue so she could survive the cold.

She was so kind and appreciative of the warmth.

Rosabella quickly found her forever house. The once-lost dog is now prospering. Her new mother sent an update, which was shared on social media by the rescue.

After reading her account, the dog’s new owner felt compelled to assist her. Rosabella and the woman’s dog, Lucy, grew close over time.

She instantly won over Lucy and the new mother. The dog is really inquisitive about everything. She goes everywhere with them. She is now wholesome and content.

She likes playing with her new sister and going to dog parks. She won’t ever have to be concerned about surviving the harsh environment.

Considering her past, it’s astonishing how sweet-spirited she is. She is now receiving the deserved and much-needed affection.

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