After months apart, an old dog is delighted to see her mom return from military service

 After months apart, an old dog is delighted to see her mom return from military service

Dogs have always been the most devoted animals to us human beings. They are loyal and loving friends, and they never forget their owners, no matter what.

Imagine seeing a dog and a person reuniting after the person has been away for military service. This is the story of Hannah and Buddy, reunited after three months of separation.

By the age of 21, Hannah went to basic training for ten weeks. Before that, she didn’t use to leave home for such a long period of time. Hannah describes it as an inspiring experience that teaches one to value the little things in life.

Even though the future experience was exciting for Hannah, she did not want to leave her dog as she was her best friend. They both grew up together and developed their character around each other. The dog was quite old. She was 12 years old with arthritis and was almost deaf. Nevertheless, despite her old age and defects, her mom loved her the way she was.

Hannah went home for the holidays after spending three months apart. Buddy was the most excited and thrilled family member to see her old friend.

The dog greeted her, and as soon as she opened the entrance, she came sprinting out to hug her. The pup was unable to stand still as she was so excited.

She even danced from joy. She merely desired a hug from Hannah to confirm her presence.

Here’s a video of their reunion:

The video went viral worldwide and gained nearly 7 million views on social media.

Hannah’s parents and relatives were shocked at how sentimental a dog could be.

When a dog reaches that age, it is impossible to assume it will always be around when you return, making saying farewell difficult but making reunions all the more meaningful.

It demonstrates the strong attachment between dogs and their owners.

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