After two years, the heartbroken woman reunites with her stolen puppy

 After two years, the heartbroken woman reunites with her stolen puppy

When this grieving woman and her dog were finally reunited after more than two years, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Despite the fact that her Husky vanished out of nowhere, Kameroun Mares never gave up hope. Thankfully, her tale has a very happy conclusion!

Semper Fidelis and Kameroun first became acquainted when the gorgeous dog was a young puppy. All the woman wanted was a furry friend to console her while she battled a dreadful form of cancer that was threatening her life. The dog’s moniker, which is Latin for “Always faithful,” describes him as being exceptionally loving and dependable. He was the dog Kameroun had always imagined having.

The sweet couple was unbreakable, and everything appeared to be ideal. But a terrible tragedy occurred in 2016. It would have been incredibly impossible for Kameroun to take her dog with her when she traveled to California for his treatment, so she left Semper in the care of her roommate. But regrettably, she received a call soon after that informed her that her Semper was missing. The poor lady was in shock.

As you might expect, Kameroun had made every effort to track down Semper. She posted notices online, distributed leaflets across the community, and even begged her friends and neighbors for assistance, but Semper was nowhere to be seen. But despite everything, the woman never gave up looking for him. She ultimately made the choice to engage a private detective. It was at that time that events took a peculiar turn.

Kameroun said, “For a year, I kept searching while in California, sending up fliers via pet sites, calling 15 vet offices in the area where I used to reside about him, calling the humane societies about him, shelter.” “When [I] contacted Ana Campos for additional assistance, she advised me to recheck her AKC Reunite chip. In May 2017, she visited the humane organization, and they performed an internet check. It was then that she learned that on April 11, 2016, a woman had put her name to Semper’s chip.”

Evidently, Semper had his microchip implanted a second time without first having it verified. The cute Husky was then placed online for sale with a $200 price tag. In actuality, this was the cause of his disappearance. After more than two years of tears and hope, Kameroun and Semper were finally set to reunite in a heartfelt reunion.

Kameroun remarked, “I see him as an extension of myself and my heart. Having him back in my arms makes me happy.”

In the end, Kameroun learned that it was actually her former roommate who had first sold the puppy. Ana Campos posted on Facebook, “He was stolen and sold by her roommate two and a half years ago. On April 30, 2016, she was informed that he was missing. However, the purchaser changed his AKC Reunite “registered chip” on April 11, 2016. Instead, they registered this chip on Petkey animals. Petkey Pets didn’t care to check to see if he had a chip.

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