An Animal with Feelings that Simply Wanted to Live

 An Animal with Feelings that Simply Wanted to Live

One rainy evening, a woman named Wendy Chairez went to the street to have a meal with some of her friends. Yet, something has caught her eye. 

On her way, she found a rat on a drenched, rainy street. The rat was attempting to free herself after being stuck in a metal grating of a storm drain. 

She later shared how hard the rat attempted to extricate herself by pushing herself with her legs. However, she was unable to withstand this situation because her tiny eyes begged for assistance. 

Even though the woman freely admits that she has always been afraid and terrified of rats, the critical situation forces her to overcome her fears and help the animal – an animal with the burning desire to exist. 

The sensitivity the rat exhibited made the woman assist her. At the most critical moment, when she understood that the broomstick was not helping, Wendy finally used her hands to free the rate. 

Here is the nice proof of that incident: 

The small weak mouse managed to hold off the broom handle and be transferred to the pavement. Even though Wendy still has a fairly neutral sentiment regarding this animal, the fact that she was secure satisfied her way too much. 

Wendy adores God’s creations in general and notes how important it is to love and care for them.

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