An exhausted wolf with a canister on his head was photographed, and it saved him

 An exhausted wolf with a canister on his head was photographed, and it saved him


Humans, unfortunately, pollute the environment with the products of their life. The main problem is plastic. Because of it, animals often get into trouble. Recently, a wolf decided to eat the food remnants and got stuck in the canister.

A group of photographers went to shoot nature near the lake in Nagpur (India). In one of the frames, young people noticed an animal accidentally captured – a wolf stuck with its head in a plastic container. During the rescue operation, it turned out that he belonged to one of the endangered species.

Apparently, the animal tried to get the remains of food out of the container, but its head got stuck inside the container. It is not known how much the animal had to endure inconvenience – the wolf looked extremely exhausted due to a prolonged lack of food and completely broke away from the pack. The specialists who arrived at the scene released the wolf to its usual habitat after providing first aid.

Having identified the animal, the friends promptly contacted the Department of Forestry. Photographers had to track down the wolf for two hours, not letting it go out of sight, while the relatives of the wolf watched him from afar.

One eyewitness shared that the container looked like standard plastic food storage containers that locals throw away every day in random places. The uncontrolled consumption of plastic and the inability to properly dispose of it leads not only to problems with the environment and nature but also to similar incidents with wild animals.

Previously, wildlife had to suffer from garbage dumped into the ocean, but as time passes, the amount of plastic waste is increasing, including the areas littered with them. According to current data, most of the plastic pollution falls in India – therefore, such incidents with representatives of the forest fauna, unfortunately, happen more and more often there.

After the vet managed to catch and calm the animal, the specialists helped to remove the plastic container from its head. Due to the long stay in a closed environment and lack of air, the wolf had to be poured with cold water to bring down his temperature. After the predator was released and his life was no longer in danger, the representatives of the department let him go back to his pack, and he himself instantly ran into the forest.

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