An incredibly uncommon foal was born to a horse and you will be surprised after watching this video

Scott and Jackie Nelson are horse breeders and are Melbourne, Florida natives. Particularly in demand are their American Painthorse piebald ponies. 

They are the proprietors of Down Under Color Ranch. Many of their creatures have previously received honors and trophies in a variety of competitions and contests.

Even though the pair has long been involved in horse breeding, they were recently taken aback when they saw a newborn filly. 

The colt was named Coconut. Coconut is a mare that is quite unique. The term “pinto” refers to horses having such an uncommon color. 

The baby named Coconut is a really unique horse.

Before, people used to believe that horses with such a unique color had magical powers. Native Americans admired these creatures and gave them the name “war horses.” 

The International Horse Museum asserts that a horse may only be referred to as a war horse if it has a certain (and uncommon) color.

Pinto is required to be white for this, but he must also have a little “cap” on top of his head that partially hides the animal’s ears. 

The Native Americans named this type of “headdress” a “medicine hat.” A horse with certain additional qualities may fetch even more money.

A war horse must have blue eyes. According to Native American folklore, the healer who died in combat is assisted in crossing over to the land of the gods by the exact horse’s blue eye. 

Magical abilities were frequently bestowed upon war horses. 

Native Americans thought that having a war horse within a tribe helped it to escape numerous perils.

These horses were frequently taken by Native Americans from nearby tribes. After all, as was previously said, just having such an animal in the community was lucky. 

For this reason, war horses were closely guarded.

When Jackie and Scott learned that the infant Coconut is a true war horse, they were incredibly shocked. That’s the reason they made the decision to record this wonderful moment on camera in order to share it with the entire world.

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