An odd-looking dog finally searches for his home after being returned to the foster family

 An odd-looking dog finally searches for his home after being returned to the foster family

It is less common for people to adopt unique and special dogs. Many go for ordinary pets as they are easy to take care of. Caesar, a unique dog, was adopted years ago. However, the parents returned him back to foster, complaining that he had ruined some of their precious rugs. The thing is that Caesar has got sharp walrus teeth, which is very unusual for a dog. The foster workers started loving and accepting him the way he was.

They immediately felt a strong connection with the pup as they saw him nervously sitting in the car. Aside from his walrus teeth, he is also unique in his big and expressive eyes. So, he made the foster family fall in love with him.

Two of Caesar’s bottom teeth stick out of his lips. His previous owners reported to the rescue that he required tooth extractions each time they had him cleaned and that his canines gradually shifted over time. He consumes food and drinks properly, and it doesn’t seem that his unique teeth are bothering him.

So although Caesar stands out because of his fangs, he would still prefer to fit into his foreign atmosphere. His foster parents can sense that he has a vivacious personality deeply buried within him.

He is courteous to everyone, has gentle eyes, and places a high value on human compassion. His beautiful soul has a lot more depth than he’s yet felt really comfortable revealing, though.

Potential adopters have already expressed interest in Caesar because of his tusk teeth, so ideally, he won’t take long to find his permanent home. Dogs with special conditions also seek love and affection. We need to take care of them and show them the love that they deserve.

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