Ana de Armas wowed fans with a fantasy dress

 Ana de Armas wowed fans with a fantasy dress

Ana de Armas, 34, appeared at the Governors Awards in Los Angeles. The actress appeared in a daring image.

The actual star of the evening was the actor who played Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe in “Blondie.” Ana is the center of a lot of attention, which the actress is all too aware of. She meticulously plans out every last detail of her appearances in front of the public.

The celebrity preferred a fantastical attire this time. She picked a dress with a corduroy top shaped like a bra and a 3D skirt that appeared to be embroidered with small flowers.

Ana’s chiseled physique was highlighted by the outfit, which exposed her back. The actress styled her hair in a simple bun, and makeup professionals highlighted her inherent beauty with little enhancements.

Fans admired the star’s romantic yet risk-taking persona. The sensuality is out of this world. “Beautiful gal! An intriguing outfit with an uncommon design and execution, “Finally, a novel thought, such a dress deserves an Oscar! – Talked about on the network.

The film “Blondie” caused mixed reactions from the public. Many criticized the film with Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe for excessive frankness and realistic “dirty” scenes.

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