“And she’s still gorgeous.” Jennifer Aniston with Gray Strands Caused a Furore on the Internet

 “And she’s still gorgeous.” Jennifer Aniston with Gray Strands Caused a Furore on the Internet

During the shooting, Jennifer Aniston fearlessly embraced authenticity, opting not to conceal her gray locks.

The 54-year-old actress recently shared a video promoting a new hair care product from a well-known brand. Demonstrating her commitment to transparency, the star of “Morning Show” provided in-depth instructions on how to use the product. In the opening moments of the video, the Golden Globe winner peered out from behind a doorway, showcasing the product bottle against her face.


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Jennifer styled her brown curls with blonde highlights in a casual manner, slicked back to create a relaxed hairstyle. Notably, her gracefully graying hair was fully exposed. The background of the video hinted at a bustling setting, with people walking by and the sound of applause heard in the latter half of the clip. Taking advantage of the moment, she playfully remarked, “Oh, thank you. You see, everybody’s excited. We’re excited too.”

Fans showered praise upon her in the comment section, applauding her for embracing the natural aging process. “Good for her for letting her gray hair show – it’s refreshing,” “So nice to see. And she’s still gorgeous”, “Love the color and style”, “Everything you do goes well, no doubt about it”, “Jen, your hair is a masterpiece and everyone agrees on that”, “I’m so proud of women like you. Everything you do is so gentle and tender, with such affection,” the follower commented.

In September 2021, the actress successfully launched her own hair care brand. According to the Daily Mail, she has since introduced a comprehensive range of cleansers suitable for all hair types, available for purchase both online and at Ulta retail stores.


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