“Apples Don’t Fall Far From The Tree”: What Do The Granddaughters Of “Crazy” Ozzy Osbourne Look Like?

 “Apples Don’t Fall Far From The Tree”: What Do The Granddaughters Of “Crazy” Ozzy Osbourne Look Like?

At 73 years old, Ozzy Osbourne stands as a revered figure in the music industry, known for his groundbreaking music and onstage antics. Despite his wild persona, he’s always been a devoted father to his six children and has recently become a proud great-grandfather.

Ozzy’s marital journey includes two marriages: his first to Thelma Riley at the age of 21, with whom he shares two children, Elliot and Jessica, and also adopted Thelma’s eldest child, Louis. Later, he found enduring love with Sharon Osbourne, with whom he’s shared over four decades. Together, they’ve raised three children, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack, who have become familiar faces to fans of “The Osbourne Family.”

As grandparents, Ozzy and Sharon dote on their expanding brood, with the number of grandchildren set to reach 10 soon. They delight in spending time with each grandchild, indulging them and sharing endless laughter.

Ozzy has a special fondness for his granddaughters, particularly the four daughters of his youngest son, Jack, born from his marriage to actress Lisa Stelly and his subsequent relationship with Ari Gerhardt.


Jack recently shared a heartwarming photo on social media, capturing the bond between his daughters Andy, Minnie, and baby Maple.

Despite their young age, the girls already exhibit the distinctive Osbourne family traits, with Minnie even embracing her individuality by dyeing her hair at just 4 years old. With such a vibrant family, it’s no wonder that Ozzy finds solace and joy despite his battle with Parkinson’s disease.


In the face of health challenges, Ozzy finds strength in the love of his extensive family, each member adding their own unique energy to the Osbourne legacy.

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