“As a Child She Was Offended And Disliked”: Now The Young Model, Slick Woods Dictates New Trends!

 “As a Child She Was Offended And Disliked”: Now The Young Model, Slick Woods Dictates New Trends!

An increasing trend in the modeling industry sees unconventional appearances gaining popularity, with figures like Slick Woods (born Simone Marie Thompson) taking the forefront.

Woods, known for her distinct look featuring a shaved head and a prominent diastema (gap between her upper teeth), has defied conventional standards and made her mark on various fashion runways.

Her journey began three years ago when she found herself homeless after leaving her grandmother’s care voluntarily. With no father figure and her mother incarcerated, Woods found herself entangled in criminal activities involving fraudulent credit cards.

However, a chance encounter at a bus stop with British model Ash Stymest changed her trajectory.

Stymest, recognizing her potential, facilitated her entry into the modeling world through his connections, securing her first legitimate job with Mercedes-Benz.

From there, Woods’ career skyrocketed, landing prestigious gigs such as walking the runway for Fenty Puma, owned by Rihanna, and becoming the face of Fenty Beauty cosmetics. She has since graced the pages and covers of renowned publications like Vogue Japan, Glamour, and American Vogue, among others.

Acknowledging Stymest’s pivotal role in her life, Woods credits him not only with rescuing her from a bleak future but also filling the void of a father figure.

Despite their five-year age gap, their bond blossomed into a meaningful relationship.

During New York Fashion Week last autumn, Woods, then nine months pregnant, unexpectedly went into labor during a runway show.

Rushed to the hospital, she welcomed her son with her partner, model Adonis Bosso.

Woods’ journey serves as a testament to resilience, seizing opportunities, and finding unexpected blessings amidst adversity.

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