At 17 years old, this girl has the longest legs in the world: Who she is and what she looks like

 At 17 years old, this girl has the longest legs in the world: Who she is and what she looks like

Many girls throughout the world aspire to the perfect body, and frequently they struggle with the notion that they are undersized, have short legs, or are too tall. Everyone is born with the external information that was inherently present in their genetic makeup; genetics cannot be chosen. Some people are born tall, while others, on the other hand, are born short. Every woman is different, and she needs to learn to love herself for who she is.

Texas native Maki Currin, 17, has extraordinarily lengthy legs. This girl’s legs, which measure 134 and 135 cm, respectively, have made it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Maki began to take shape at a young age. She was taller than any of her contemporaries even as a teenager. The girl had no complexes because of her long legs. People in the vicinity also accepted this external phenomenon as as natural. However, the girl’s 208 centimeter height frequently became the target of jeers. Maki struggled for a very long time to let go of what other people thought of her.

A girl has challenges occasionally in her daily life. For instance, Maki’s head typically rests against the ceiling of the taxi as she travels. Maki finds it challenging to fit through narrow doorways and stand in spaces with low ceilings. Maki occasionally finds it challenging to decide on clothing and footwear, so the young woman must search for specialized shops that carry items that meet her requirements. The girl has mastered navigating all of these intricacies. Maki is quite proud of her height and accepts and loves herself.

The youngster was able to become well-known on social media because of her odd criteria. Maki intends to combine her life with the modeling industry in the future. But the girl won’t neglect her fundamental education either. Maki plans to attend college in the UK, acquiring the necessary education, work as a model, and realize other fields of endeavor after her modeling career is over. As the tallest model in the world, the girl also hopes to once again make the Guinness Book of Records.


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