“Bald and overweight.” How Caledon Hockley from Titanic looks 25 years later

 “Bald and overweight.” How Caledon Hockley from Titanic looks 25 years later

After appearing in the iconic film “Titanic,” American actor Billy Zane had his best hour in 1997.
Interestingly, immediately following the release of this picture, slender and trim Billy, who made an indelible impression not only because of his remarkable beauty, but also because of his acting skills, became the sexiest man in the eyes of viewers. Fans went crazy for the on-screen hero Zane, as well as the on-screen rival – Jack.

Caledon Hockley, an attractive, accomplished, but stern rich guy, catapulted the actor to new heights.

However, while comparing the appearance then and now, it is worth noticing that it has faded through time. Time, as they say, spares no one.

Zane, by the way, has altered beyond recognition, losing his earlier looks and gaining weight. He is no longer recognized as Rosa’s rich and powerful fiancé from the critically acclaimed film.

If Billy appeared like a “playboy” 25 years ago, especially as Caledon from “Titanic. But the 56-year-old actor has lost his trim figure and his bushy hair is vanished.

He gained some weight and shaved his hair, rendering him unrecognizable. However, Billy still appears manly and brutal enough, and the actor’s popularity has not waned.

It is clear that the American celebrity in the new look is confident and at ease, as she continues to walk red carpets and star in new films.

Billy’s new appearance has had no effect on his charm; he is still encircled by fans’ attention.


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