Beautiful Victoria Ruffo is already 56 years old. How the famous Mexican actress lives and looks today

 Beautiful Victoria Ruffo is already 56 years old. How the famous Mexican actress lives and looks today

Both adults and children in our nation enjoyed the television show “Just Maria.” Nobody was unaffected by the fate of an ordinary woman who overcame all obstacles to become well-known. The lovely actress is still well-remembered by audiences, who are curious about how her life turned out.

Early on, the attractive girl gained popularity. She appeared in her debut movie at the age of 18. Her fame spread well beyond the confines of her native country thanks to her talent and beauty. largely because of the television program “Just Maria.”

Victoria got not just global recognition but also a husband that she met while working on the site. Eugenio Derbez was the man’s name. They initially met, but after arguing, they parted ways. A year later, there was another gathering. Ruffo then realized she was in love, and not long after that, she discovered she was going to become a mother. They signed.

After marrying the actress, Eugenio underwent significant shift. The husband refused to let his wife work since he thought she ought to be at home. If Victoria stayed on the set, her husband acted out irrational jealous episodes. After several years, the actress came to the conclusion that her spouse was merely envious of her success. He did not have Victoria’s level of success.

Ruffo put up as much of a fight as she could before deciding to file for divorce. The divorce procedure took a long time. Derbez refused to give his son child support.

The actress completely focused on her career after she had her freedom back. She simply was unable to interact with males. Omar Fayad, a politician, had the power to win her over. Victoria was won over by an intellectual man who was able to convince her of his love for her and his commitment to caring for both her and her son.

Omar desired a lavish wedding for them. Victoria was dressed in a stunning white gown. The solemn ceremony had a big guest list.

Ruffo gave birth to a boy and a girl as twins during his second marriage. Omar was not against his wife’s acting career, but she had made the decision that the kids came first. As a result, she ceased all acting for a period of time and gave her entire attention to her family. Victoria resumed acting and performing on the theater stage when the kids grew older.

Today, the actress is 56 years old, but she looks younger. The artist herself says that her beauty is natural, she never resorted to the services of plastic surgeons.


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