Bella Hadid turned 26: how the future model looked like as a child – 25 impressive photos

 Bella Hadid turned 26: how the future model looked like as a child – 25 impressive photos

Hadid, who became famous for her involvement in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills project, was frequently spotted on the catwalks when she was younger. Bella naturally inherited her mother’s modeling talent and drive for fame. True, up until the point when she considered a modeling career because she wanted to achieve in the equestrian sports she had been playing since a young age. But after being bitten by a tick, she developed Lyme illness (borelliosis), which prevented her from competing in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Although Bella usually has brown hair, she actually naturally has blonde hair like her mother. She simply appears to be much more expressive with the darker shade.

Bella was born in Los Angeles, along with her sister Gigi, who is a year older than her, and her younger brother Anwar. Their father, Mohammed Hadid, was a Palestinian-American who oversaw the building of the Ritz hotels. However, Bella’s father abandoned the family when she was four years old, and Yolanda remarried to producer David Foster. Bella’s childhood photos show that the family was prosperous. They had everything they needed, traveled frequently, and dressed elegantly. Even so, Bella decided to work as a waitress when she was a teenager.

“I did everything: juicing, counting cash, washing dishes. I loved the independence that came with having my own money,” she admitted.

Bella’s journey to the modeling industry took significantly longer than that of her older sister Gigi, who was photographed for Vouge at the age of five. Unlike her sister, who is a generally admired beauty, Bella struggled with her appearance for a very long time and didn’t start to feel confident about it until she underwent rhinoplasty at the age of 16. The model used to lie, but recently she came clean about getting the procedure. However, refrain from preaching about early plastic surgery. Corrective procedures are sometimes necessary as early as age 6 or even at birth.

Bella didn’t start her modeling career until she earned a deal with IMG Models in 2014. However, she made $8.5 million in 2018.


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