Best Ever Horse Reunion

 Best Ever Horse Reunion

Three horses, William, Harry, and Arthur, under the care of Sue Blagburn, were the closest ever friends. When residing in England, she enjoyed taking care of her horses and cherished them dearly. Sadly, because of unfavorable financial conditions, she had to sell one of the horses – Arthur. 

Both the horses and Sue missed Arthur a lot. Over the course of nearly five years, the caretaker has put a lot of effort into bringing Arthur back as she adopted him as a colt. Sue impatiently waited for the reaction of William and Harry when they saw Arthur back. After all, all three horses were very young when they were together. So, it was highly probable that they wouldn’t recognize each other then. 

Yet, this video puts an end to Sue’s doubts and fears. William and Harry instantly recognize Arthur as they sprint in the direction of one another. The three roll into a ball of joy and appear to have never been split. 

She was overjoyed to witness her kids enjoying such a great time. The amazement of this reunion comes to prove that real friendship will not depend on time and distance. 

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