Best Friends: Kate and Leo have been inseparable since Titanic

 Best Friends: Kate and Leo have been inseparable since Titanic

“She’s such an amazing person that our chemistry naturally happened on screen,” Leonardo DiCaprio said of Kate Winslet in 1997. They’ve been best friends ever since!

Many people believe that Kate and Leo first met while filming “Titanic,” but in reality, their encounter took place in 1996 at the Cannes Film Festival. Additionally, neither of them was aware that they were going for the same James Cameron movie. Leo was 22 at the time, and Kate was only 21.

Kate admitted she couldn’t resist his magnetism a year after the movie’s debut: “I thought it would be difficult to work with such a handsome man who is also a brilliant performer. But because he was so genuine and nice, everything simply poured. I also love her, Leo said in response. Although it was a really challenging project, we did a fantastic job.

The couple appeared as husband and wife in the 2008 film “The Road to Change” as co-stars.

Leo was present when Kate and her third husband were married. Even during the divorce, he assisted with child care.

In 2016, when Leonardo won the Oscar, Kate was present to cheer him on.

“He’s my closest friend in the world. He deserves a reward.”

Kate thinks that the fact that they never flirted with one another contributed to the duration of their friendship.

Leo and Kate like their collaborative work together and are likened to “a single mechanism that works nicely together.”



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