Bikini bandeau and gold jewelry: the most beautiful woman became the star of a beach shoot

 Bikini bandeau and gold jewelry: the most beautiful woman became the star of a beach shoot

The 26-year-old catwalk and glossy star appeared in a Michael Kors advertisement. The shooting on the pond’s shore foreshadowed the upcoming summer season. Bella tried on brightly colored outfits. The muse of Hollywood makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury wore an orange windbreaker with gold chains instead of the usual hood laces. The model completed the look with matching earrings and rings.

The stylists gave Bella’s hair a “wet” look. Hadid hid her face behind large dark glasses. The model posed close-up, with the sun reflecting on her face.

Gigi Hadid’s younger sister debuted a new look. Bella wore a gold bikini bandeau. The star made up for her lack of clothing with an abundance of gold jewelry, including a large necklace with a lock pendant and four large bracelets on her wrists. Gray eyeshadow and pink lipstick were applied by makeup artists to the model’s face.

Hadid appeared to have just stepped out of the water. Her skin glowed with droplets, and she ran her hands through her wet hair languidly. The actress looked stunning in her slim, tanned body.

The new footage has sparked heated debate among the model’s fans. “Amazing! Disney should put her in an Arabian princess movie”, “Queen Bella”, “Beautiful in every way”, “The chicest supermodel”, “I mistook you for Hayley”, “Your beauty is mesmerizing”, “Bella in a swimsuit is the best thing I’ve ever seen”, users said.

Bella has a slim figure that she is not afraid to flaunt. The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend tried on a latex dress in which she wore no underwear.

Hadid recently signed a lucrative deal with Charlotte Tilbury. During the first shoot, the model displayed several “hot” images, which impressed Charlotte.

Bella was almost identical to Leonardo DiCaprio. Gigi dated the Hollywood actor for a short time before deciding to devote more time to raising her daughter. The model and the Oscar winner are now trying to avoid each other in public.

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