“Bold belly neckline!”: Brooke Shields in a tight pink dress

 “Bold belly neckline!”: Brooke Shields in a tight pink dress

The National Board of Review 2023 Awards Gala featured an appearance by the star of the classic movie “Blue Lagoon.” It was hosted in New York City’s 42nd Street Cipriani. Shields gave the winners of the best animated picture prize, which went to the makers of the movie “Marcel, Shell in Boots,” at the occasion. Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, two screenwriters, received the statuette from Brooke.

The movie diva choose a powerful image for the occasion. She showed up wearing a knee-length, bright pink minidress with a low neckline. Shields wore bracelets, rings, and a silver watch. The “Friends” TV character’s long hair was cut short, and light makeup was applied to her face with a focus on her eyes by makeup experts. Pumps with a tiny heel were used by the actress to complete the ensemble.

Users left lots of compliments for Brooke. “You’re in great shape, baby!”, “Brooke, you’re motivating”, “Impressive woman! Age is nothing!”, “That dress looks great on you”, “I love you”, “That figure should be emphasized”, “Brooke is stronger than time”, “My two muses are Demi Moore and Brooke Shields”, “Everybody should look like that at 57”, “Yes, Brooke! You’re good!”, “The belly cut is bold!”, “You’re beautiful!”,” the followers commented.

“I initially informed the visitors that they were not need to respond. Being abruptly on the other side made me feel as though I had betrayed them. I’ve just recently come to the realization that if I’m open to being vulnerable, people can talk to me without feeling as though they are doing so in front of a “firing squad.” It feels more genuine the more I engage in the discussion, “added Brooke. The actor most recently appeared in the feature film Out of Order as well as the HBO film Max Holiday Harmony.

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