The years have no power over her. Anderson in a bathing suit with a cutout pictured on a Big Shell by the Pool

 The years have no power over her. Anderson in a bathing suit with a cutout pictured on a Big Shell by the Pool

The Frankies Bikinis business collaborates with the 55-year-old model. The famous person appeared in a brand advertisement. The shoot was done beside the pool. The mother of two was dressed in a white one-piece swimming suit with a plunging neckline. Pamela lay on her half shell, exposing her slender belly. 

Francesca Aiello, a designer from California, admitted to being impressed by the actress. “I really can’t find the words to express my gratitude to everyone who worked on this project, Pamela freaking Anderson.” Knowing Pam is to adore her. “We met when I was a kid in our little beach town (where I grew up with her sons), and it was a real full circle moment for the two of us,” the brand’s owner explained.

The actress was then photographed on the beach at Malibu’s Paradise Cove, where she had lived for years with her sons. The sex symbol posed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on the sand. When asked about her work with Francesca, Pamela stated that her wish had come true. The bikini took them months to develop. Anderson admitted that she isn’t good at keeping secrets and that it was difficult for her not to discuss her work with Aiello.

“After a long year, I can tell you all my favorite craft ideas and tricks. It’s all mixed up with my swimsuit collab. A dream come true – and who better to do it with than the cutest girl. She grew up before my eyes along with my boys – our story is authentic and unique. Raw, fun and timeless,” Pamela assured me.

She also tried on white and yellow swimsuits, a bonnet and veil, braided her hair, and adjusted the angles of her hair. Pamela’s fans left her compliments.

“Congratulations, Mommy!”, “You deserve nothing but amazing things! Thanks for the inspiration!”, “How do you keep up the beauty? You look amazing, and I want to do what you do too,” “How does she still look so good?”, “Pam Anderson invented swimwear, honestly,”, “Well finally! If there’s anyone who should have a swimwear line, it’s you,”, “Pam, you look incredible. Your skin is soft, tight, supple, and your yellow swimsuit is amazing!” – follower’s commented.

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