Britney does not hide who she is: Another aspect of the nakedness

 Britney does not hide who she is: Another aspect of the nakedness

Following her 13-year stifling conservatorship’s end, Britney Spears has made it clear that she is not only relishing her freedom today.

Including posting pictures of herself in her underwear, because, well, why not? Brit grabbed yet another opportunity to shoot some completely naked photos (this time on the beach) and share them with the world while on her current vacation with her fiancé Sam Asghari.

Britney posted four pictures of herself undressed on a tropical beach, concealing her modesty with some well-placed diamond emojis, along with the caption symbol that fans will recognize as standing for freedom for the star during her protracted legal battle with her father and former management group.

Brit’s attorney is Mathew Rosengart, and the mother of two has made numerous internet references to “Project Rose” in the days leading up to the dismissal of her conservatorship.

The global megastar also chose to post a collection of topless images she had taken while swimming in the ocean, adding diamond emojis where needed because Instagram still does not permit women to #FreeTheNip online.

Britney chose to include more rose emojis as the caption:

Brit had already opted to publish some nude photographs taken in front of a bath back at the beginning of the year, so this is not the first time in recent times that she has gone completely nude on Instagram (again while enjoying a sunny break).

In one caption, Britney stated that she felt more like a “free lady energy,” and many have assumed that she was alluding to a court decision that said her father, Jamie Spears, may no longer participate in her conservatorship.

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