Chimpanzees gave a warm hug to their new family member

 Chimpanzees gave a warm hug to their new family member

Sometimes life puts us into difficult situations, but we should not lose hope as the better days will certainly come. The same can happen to animals. This chimpanzee, for example, lost his parents in pet and bushmeat trades. However, due to the chimpanzee sanctuary, the youngster found a new home with a new family.

The monkey was brought to the sanctuary that helped over 40 young chimpanzees continue living with the help and support of one another. Beckley, the young chimpanzee, was thrilled to see his new friends.

The workers take the animals to a forest where they can feel free, happy, and protected. This helped them jump and run freely and feel connected with nature.

This way, our young chimpanzee soon bonded with his lookalikes and formed good relationships. One of the friends was seen comforting Beckley when he was crying.

The video below shows how sweet the other chimpanzees were and how they welcomed him with a warm hug:

They all shared the same destiny, as all of them were orphans. That is why they cared about each other and valued each member’s presence.

Some chimpanzees are removed from their natural habitat to be sold as pets, which also leaves their young orphaned, in addition to being slaughtered by poachers for bushmeat.

We’re relieved that they were saved and may now coexist peacefully in a secure environment despite the tragic circumstances these chimpanzees had to endure in the past.

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