“Contacted her personally”: Alyssa Milano apologized to Britney Spears for bullying

 “Contacted her personally”: Alyssa Milano apologized to Britney Spears for bullying

Many Spears’ followers are confused by her actions. The singer is now active on her social networks after being taken out of her father’s custody. The Grammy Award winner publishes bizarre dance videos and intimate pictures. While trying to cheer for the celebrity, many fans are concerned about their favorite artist’s mental health.

Alyssa Milano’s life and the pop star’s are drastically dissimilar from one another. David Bagliari, a sports agent, is wed to the actress. A boy and a girl are being raised by their spouses. Alyssa continues to appear in movies while investing a lot of time in philanthropy. The sole connection between the singer and the actress is their previous union with Justin Timberlake.

The singer of the hit song “Baby one more time” yesterday expressed her feelings over Alyssa’s social media statement. To investigate the scandalous singer, the actress requested assistance. The singer didn’t take long to respond to the critical remark made regarding her actions. Britney told people that she was okay and did not require their assistance. The pop artist was horrified by this behavior and urged women to stand up for one another instead of making each other feel inferior.

The singer’s reprimand affected Milano. The American actress immediately apologized to Spears over the phone. Alyssa’s representative informed TMZ that “she sent a private message to Britney this morning.”

The performer has already voiced her displeasure about intrusions into her personal life. Following the performer’s odd online behavior, fans contacted the police at her home. One reason to be concerned about the singer’s condition was the earlier scandal she sparked in a restaurant.

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