Contrary to all doctors’ predictions, the girl practically without muscle survived, married, and had a baby

 Contrary to all doctors’ predictions, the girl practically without muscle survived, married, and had a baby

Sheri Psaila is a strong-willed woman who has arthrogryposis, which causes her muscles and joints to be nearly undeveloped and her limbs to be malformed.

Cheri’s initial diagnosis from the doctors was so discouraging. The girl was expected to survive for little more than a year.

The young girl, however, had other ideas. She got by. The parents were informed that their daughter will be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life during another doctor’s appointment. Cheri, however, demonstrated once more that she would not give in to the illness.

In this manner, the girl was able to reclaim a regular life for herself little by little but in baby increments. After completing her schoolwork, she enrolled in a technical college where she eventually earned a diploma. She embraced life and relished each second, each minor triumph, and each sunny day!

Cherie met a young man named Chris when she was attending university to study. They knew right away that they were soul mates. The man’s spine issues were congenital, which is the problem. The couple soon got hitched.

Cheri was thrilled to learn she was expecting, but she miscarried. Doctors then prohibited the woman from having children because she had put her life in danger in the first place. It’s a miracle that she’s still alive. The physicians were adamant that the girl would die from her subsequent pregnancy.

Do you believe Cherie this time accepted the prognosis from the doctors? In fact, she didn’t! One can only be in awe of this frail woman’s willpower, fortitude, and determination. She experienced a second pregnancy.

And nine months later, the family welcomed a healthy baby boy into the world.

Naturally, Cherie is unable to fully fulfill all of her motherly responsibilities. For instance, she has to wait for Chris or the nanny to arrive when the baby screams because she is unable to hold him.

This small family is now quite content.

All we can wish for them is a healthy, happy childhood for the child and his parents.


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