“Crashed into skier and ran away”: Gwyneth Paltrow on trial after resort incident

 “Crashed into skier and ran away”: Gwyneth Paltrow on trial after resort incident

A Hollywood star is facing an unpleasant and, by all accounts, protracted legal battle. The day prior, she appeared in a Utah courtroom on an ophthalmologist’s claim. Gwyneth picked a low-key casual outfit with a beige sweater with a collar and free-cut brown pants.


Terry Sanderson is suing Paltrow for £245,000 in moral damages. If she loses, she might lose £ 425,000 in total (more than 40 million rubles). “Paltrow collided with a skier and then fled without saying anything,” the judge stated from the charge.


Paltrow and Sanderson sat across from each other in the courtroom as their attorneys delivered opening statements with diametrically opposed accounts of what happened. Both identified their clients as victims and blamed their adversary for the altercation.

In 2016, the incident occurred at Deer Valley Ski Resort near Park City, Utah. According to the doctor, the Oscar winner was “out of control” when she collided with him. The accident left the man with “permanent brain damage, four fractured ribs, agony, suffering, loss of pleasure of life, emotional stress, and mutilation,” according to the lawsuit.

Mr. Sanderson’s attorney, Lawrence Buhler, stated that the actress was distracted by one of her children, who yelled: “Mommy, Mommy, watch me ride.” “She looks up to see when she looked down, she screamed. She crashes her skis into Terry Sanderson’s back. Sanderson is lying face down in the snow unconscious,” a spokesperson for the doctor reported.

The defense counsel for the actress, Steven Owens, mocked the opponents’ account. “We think it’s total nonsense,” the actress’ lawyer responded. Paltrow, for her part, insists that Sanderson slammed into her with a “full body punch.” The “Shakespeare in Love” star plans to testify in the civil case. According to Fox News, she is seeking $1 in petty damages and court fees.

The artist’s loved ones, with whom she was vacationing at the resort that day – husband Brad Falchak, 52, daughter Apple, 18, and son Moses, 16 – are also scheduled to be questioned by the court. The matter will be heard again in Park City Circuit Court.


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