Daddy’s copy: how Kurt Cobain’s only daughter grew up (photo)

 Daddy’s copy: how Kurt Cobain’s only daughter grew up (photo)

The beauty is still upset with her famous relative, and she has good cause to be.

The iconic Kurt Cobain’s daughter just celebrated her 30th birthday, which is hard to comprehend. Frances Bean Cobain resembles her famous father a lot, both physically and psychologically.

Courtney Love, an actress and the lead vocalist of the band Hole, gave birth to the rocker’s lone heir. Frances was upset with her father as a result because he had abandoned her and her mother when she was a newborn. Although the musician was referred to by the angry daughter as a weak and dependent man, she did recognize the quality of his music.

Frances inherited a lot of her father’s physical traits. She can quickly identify the characteristics of the Nirvana leader: blonde hair and captivating blue eyes. She like rock music as well, although she does not listen to her father’s music. She puts her father’s records out of reach because she likes punk over grunge.


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