Dog Enters Police Station and Walks Around To Report Himself Missing

 Dog Enters Police Station and Walks Around To Report Himself Missing

The Odessa Police Department in Texas received an unexpected visitor last week in the early morning hours who walked through the doors and jumped up onto the desk.

The dog was friendly and was anxious to alert the authorities to the fact that someone had vanished from their house.

He, alone.

Sergeant Rusty Martin, who was one among the policemen there to welcome him, said that the puppy didn’t seem too upset about being a “lost dog.” He mostly just appeared to be looking for a good time, which he did.

Martin said that they were all thrilled to have him in the building. They played a little bit of tennis ball throwing in the lobby. Everyone was kind to him.

Despite enjoying the dog’s unexpected company, the people in charge didn’t ignore the case he had initially brought up. The solution, however, soon ran into trouble.

Animal control was called to check for a microchip even though the dog was wearing a collar with its ID tag missing.

But things changed before they got there.

The dog apparently made his own way back to his family after deciding he’d been “lost” for a sufficient amount of time.

After posting about the incident on Facebook, Martin stated that he sprinted out just as quick as he came in. The following day, the dog’s owner responded to say that it was his dog and that he had come home.

The Chico dog had solved his first case, albeit one of his own making.

Martin said that he was impressed. He might be qualified for the job!


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