Dog Receives Owner’s Jacket from Woman to Keep Cozy While Waiting Outside

 Dog Receives Owner’s Jacket from Woman to Keep Cozy While Waiting Outside

In Cambridge, Massachusetts’ Harvard Square, Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting for the bus when they saw a cute dog and his mother performing errands. Sadly, his mother was preparing to enter the post office and was unable to bring the dog inside with her. Everyone watching was heartened by what she did after starting to rope him to the tree.

The weather was quite chilly and windy; Hollie said that she saw that he was clearly trembling. She must have seen it also since she quickly removed her jacket and covered the dog as he was sitting. Perhaps she worried that he might kick it off, so she knelt down and wrapped it around him.

The dog’s mother wrapped her jacket on him as he sat motionless, eager to wear something warm. If she had been able to, it was obvious that the woman would have brought her dog inside with her; however, because she was unable to, she wanted to ensure that he was as comfortable as possible until she returned, even if she was only gone for a short time.

I told her what she did was really nice and thoughtful as soon as she stood up and walked by me, said Hollie. “She simply said, ‘Thank you!’ He shouldn’t be cold, I don’t want that!

The cute dog was sitting on the sidewalk wearing his jacket when a lot of people stopped to take his picture or comment on how comfortable it was.

Hollie mentioned that he seemed extremely warm and cuddly, and she saw two or three other people passing him.

Finally, Hollie’s bus showed up. As she boarded, she turned to gaze at the dog waiting for his mother, who loved him enough to give him the jacket off her own back, proudly sitting on the sidewalk in his outfit.

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