Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy: how the Quinn star’s grandson looks the most like his grandmother

 Elizabeth Taylor’s legacy: how the Quinn star’s grandson looks the most like his grandmother

On February 27, Elizabeth Taylor would have turned 91. The actress died in 2011 at the age of 79, leaving a rich legacy. The mythical Cleopatra had three natural children, Michael, Christopher and Elizabeth, plus an adoptive daughter, Mary. And each gave her two or three grandkids, with the youngest son Christopher following in his mother’s footsteps and adopting a youngster called Caleb at one point.

Children of actresses are all around 60 years old or older; none of them followed in their parents’ footsteps, but several have achieved success in creative fields. Unfortunately, just one of the grandsons has inherited all of his famous grandmother’s genes and most closely resembles her. Quinn Teavey, the son of actress Elizabeth’s daughter, is 36 years old.

The young man resembles his granny. He has the same expressive eyes, which are framed by thick lashes, as well as a clear oval face with prominent cheekbones, thick dark brows, and hair. Quinn, on the other hand, recently modified his appearance dramatically by shaving his head. We hope it’s not due to his hair loss.

In addition, he is carrying on Elizabeth Taylor’s cause. During her life, the actress was actively involved in the battle against AIDS. Taylor founded a charity to assist those suffering from this deadly condition more than 30 years ago. The group works in three areas: it gives support and information to those living with HIV, it assists them in receiving proper treatment, and it opposes stigmatization of the disease and prejudice against patients. And today, the Foundation’s work is being coordinated by the grandson of actress Quinn.

“Grandma would have been incredibly proud of the work done by the HIV Is Not a Crime initiative. Grandma stood up for what she believed in, living bravely and courageously. She would never give up under pressure and certainly would not support the status quo if the status quo seemed wrong,” the man shared.

Quinn is a talented photographer, and one of his areas of expertise is colorful photos of individuals with HIV. The young guy works for the Elizabeth Taylor Foundation as a speaker, traveling throughout the country and speaking at various conferences.

Quinn described watching Law & Order and eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with his grandma in one of his memoirs. Quinn enjoyed watching movies with Elizabeth Taylor, but considered her as more of a grandma than an international star.

Yet little is known about this attractive man’s personal life. There is no information on whether or if he is married or has children.

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