Even her loyal fans didn’t recognize her. Paparazzi caught a severely fat Fergie on a walk

 Even her loyal fans didn’t recognize her. Paparazzi caught a severely fat Fergie on a walk

Fergie could boast a superb physical shape a year ago, despite having already celebrated her 45th birthday.

Fergie’s form was praised by specialists, who said her body was wonderfully harmonic and proportional. Fergie held this distinction for several years.

For a long time, the singer and actress was almost fanatically addicted to a healthy lifestyle, sports, and good nutrition: every day, she spent several hours in exercise classes. The celebrity stated that she is terrified of having a second child because she is concerned about gaining weight.

Nevertheless, after legally divorcing Josh Duhamel in 2019, Fergie appeared to give up. Although she has stated in interviews that her feelings for her partner have faded, the singer and Josh were more friends than husband and wife in recent years.

Yet, Fergie has largely faded into obscurity since her divorce. Early last year, paparazzi managed to photograph the singer while she was having dinner with pals in a restaurant, and it was evident that she was improving even then.

And now the singer has been photographed on the streets of Los Angeles, and fans initially did not recognize their favorite in the photo due to retouching and filters. Fergie appears very chubby in a bright shirt dress.

Several people suspected that the actress was pregnant. Yet, neither she nor her representatives have issued any official statements on the situation. Fergie has also recently stated in interviews that she is open to new relationships and does not have a partner.

It remains to be seen whether the singer will disclose the impending addition or truly consider weight loss in the near future. After all, many celebrities have been able to get in great shape in the last year and wow fans with astonishing transformations. We recommend that you look at them and be motivated by their accomplishment.

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