Family abandons loyal Pitbull at shelter after years of being most devoted dog because they are expecting another child

Any animal finds the experience of abandonment extremely unpleasant. Suddenly they find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, and all their tender emotions – love, care and attention – disappear.

After two years of love and care from his family, Stormy, a wonderful pitbull, wondered why he was suddenly appeared in a shelter for abandoned dogs.

Stormy’s people decided to eliminate someone to make room when they found out they were expecting their fifth child.

Unfortunately, their relatives called him Freshy; it was terrible for him.

The shelter staff gave Stormy a new name, and every day he waited for his family to return him to his beloved home, where he lived a full and contented life with four children.

All hopes, however, were in vain. He was under a lot of stress and no one would want to own such a sad, shy dog.

Dog’s eyes filled with panic and fear, and his heart sank.

One day, Guerrini, a sweet woman, saw his profile and hurried to a crowded Brooklyn orphanage to pick him up.

The shelter was so overcrowded and in need of funds that Stormy’s name was on the list of animals to be cared of.

His life was supposed to end at five o’clock, but in fact she was allowed to take over the unfortunate dog only four minutes before that time.

She really saved his life.

After being rescued, Stormy was taken to the home of Guerrini and her son, where he remained until he was adopted.

Stormy started kissing and hugging the wonderful mother and her little boy because he was so excited to realize what had just happened.

This cute dog won the hearts of all household members. He was a very loving, joyful and living being who finally found a new devoted home that would hopefully remain forever.

You just have to watch this very short video of the joyful moment of Stormy, Guerrini and her son!

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